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Originally Posted by jkopinga View Post
^^^ Guys, I don't want to spoil the fun but..............
I wouldn't use a "2nd brain" to control something like ALS besides the ECU.
Mostly to make it clear who I'm addressing than to go on that one specific point.

First off, I agree on the topic of adding boxes, for the most part. When/if I get to making a testbed though, the main factor is being able to make it do whatever I want without headaches to figure out what is physically going on. I see it as too many variables at the start of everything to put up with some of the variables being hidden.

Second off, I figure that for the purposes of figuring out how to make it work at all, I'm prepared to not worry too much about blowing stuff up. No reason to have a fully built engine with state of the art turbos and all the rest when all I'm after is trying to figure out how to get a combustor to burn the exhaust from an over-rich engine, feed it into a turbo, and control the turbo speed.

Later on, sure, but I figure it's going to take some work to dial in on what the combustor can needs to look like internally.

As for turbo lifespan with the combustor can setups... I dunno. I have my suspicions that it might be kinder to the turbo than conventional ALS methods like throttle jacking and retarding the ignition, in addition to being easier on the engine. I suspect that the nature of the pulses in the exhaust from the ignition retard style antilag are a big part of what's hard on the turbo and that something closer to steady state constant combustion will work better; it works for gas turbines after all.

Not that I can prove any of that at this point, but it makes sense to me anyway.
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