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I am sure it is a technological Tour-de-force.

It is also highly boring.

Whoopie, a street bike that most motorcyclists cannot possibly use the upper ranges of it's performance on the street. And most riders at that level are professional, and ride on a closed track without traffic morons, and that is maintained and cleaned by track officials.

Yet, since 2008 Model year, BMW has not offered a boxer sport bike with a pillion seat, or an affordable price. HP2 Sport is all but unobtainium, and similarly beyond the riding conditions of the street, and beyond most street riders. R1200S, and it's R1100S predecessor have gone.

Their K1300R has not been imported, and the R-Sport variant has no longer been offered anywhere.

BMW is my favorite bike brand... I badly want a boxer-powered road bike with some performance credibility and versatility for the road. Not a cross-over GS. Not a naked R12R, and not a tupper-ware, somewhat ugly looking K1300S, with that honking huge front headlight.

I want a DOHC air/oil cooled boxer, duolever/hossack front suspension, paralever Evo rear suspension, and a fixed-bearing half fairing. A new R12S DOHC that isn't an HP2 Sport race-replica.

That hasn't existed for many model years now.

Instead, BMW is chasing, and beating the Japanese at their own game. HP4 is about as soul-less as a KawaYamaHondaZuki GSXYZF1000-RR. Fast, absolutely. Beyond almost all riders, and pretty much any road-surface condition short of a brand new highway.

For such a technically amazing motorcycle, I am completely unimpressed, and bored.
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