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Originally Posted by jkopinga View Post
^^^ Guys, I don't want to spoil the fun but..............
I wouldn't use a "2nd brain" to control something like ALS besides the ECU.

I have seen a lot of cars go POP because they have too many electronic gadgets that control too many different things without proper failsafe links between them.

In my opinion if the ECU you are using cannot do everything you want to do then it's time to look for one that can!

BTW... The "Subaru Rocket" setup is indeed a selfsustaining turbine when it is spun up. It would be nice to try to replicate this kind of ALS but unless you are sponsored by a turbo manufacturer who gives you turbos for free I would try to stay with more conventional methods of ALS.

The biggest advantage of the "Rocket" versus conventional ALS is that the air to keep the turbine spinning DOES NOT have to pass through the engine. Therefore the engine stays much cooler and has to handle less stress. Conventional ALS has the air passing through the engine with ignition retard creating very high EGTs to spin the turbine which is passing the exhaust valves which are not going to be too happy about that.

Yes secondary air injection style ALS is exactly what I am talking about as well I couldn't agree more that this is far superior to a throttle kick set up that requires the air to pass through the engine first. Which is exactly why this is the type of system i am working on for my personal projects.
Prodrive has developed an absolutely amazing system for both competition (wrc) and street use (P2) with the "rocket" When compared to some of the other secondary air injection systems being used for als by other manufactures i believe the rocket is one of if not the best for what i want to do at this point. The design is literally a simple turbine engine many people build as a hobby. Main difference being most just mount the turbine engine to a bench and run it off propane. Us boost junkies on the other hand want that same simple turbine engine mounted next to our internal combustion piston engines.

I couldn't agree more in a perfect world I would have an ecu that did whatever i pleased however sense that is not a reality for me I have few ideas on ways to incorporate a second "brain" into the mix while still maintaining fail safes.
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