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Originally posted by omahasubaru
Did you check Kumho's site to see there wheel width range for those tires in that size?

My opinion is that the stock WRX gearing is too low... so I'd go with the 235/40-17 with is 1.9% lower than stock... the 255/40-17's would be taller than stock by about .6% so that would effectively make your gearing taller.

May I also ask way you need such wide wheels & can't be happy with the same widths front & rear?

I myself will have to settle with some Kumho 711's this year on my summer wheels. I'm saving to purchase light 16" wheels & some tires that will lower my gearing 7.2%
Thanks - Jon

The V700 lists at a 24.8" diameter, and 24.7" shaved. The stock RE92's list at 24.9", so there is basicly no effect on gearing from stock. The recommended rim width for the 255/40-17 is 9", with a 8.5-10" range.

The reason the rim widths are the way they are is for clearance in the rear, it's not possible to fit a 255 on a 17x9" in the rear. The 9" in the front will provide better grip and steering precision, while the tire that is "tucked in" on a narrower rim in the back will break away in a more progressive manner. This is very similar to the racing hart 255 fitment, these wheels were made specifically to run wide tires on a GDA/B.

I understand the gearing and weight advantage, I run 235/40-17 toyo t1-s on the street, with a 17x7.5 rota attacks....actually, I could use another set of the wide rims to run my street tires on.....hummmmm..... I do notice a difference in the weight and how the car accelerates from when I had the Azenis, but I don't think the gearing advantage is noticeable at all. So what if I hit full boost at 36 mph in 2nd gear instaid of at 35 mph...a 2% difference is not enough to be noticeable. As far as the weight goes, I should be at a VS2+ or equivalent by the time I can get these wheels here from Japan, so the weight thing isn't as big of concern as it was before.

I have the recent grassroots motorsports test of r-compounds where they test the v700, e700, RA-1 and the hoosier. They seem to come down heavily in favor of the e700 and hoosier, although the v700 is almost as fast. The Hoosiers are out of the question for wear, although the RA-1 might be another possiblity due to the good wear characteristics, so I could run them on the street occasionally without feeling guilty.

Decisions, decisions....


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