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Originally Posted by Dr. octagon View Post
What took out the motor and could you give a guestimate on the torque increase from 2.0l to 2.1 soley based upon a bare bones 205 (stock with good compression)......increase of 40lb/feet?
I went to the strip and started running low on gas. They wouldn't let me pour straight into the car, I had to have an approved container then fill the car myself . So I nearly ran out of gas on the way home and put 93 in it. I put a gimp map on it but that wasn't fast enough and I decided I needed a fun 93 map as well. I tuned it on 93 octane pretty aggressively at about 25 psi and it went several weeks later after that. I always considered that motor a science experiment and treated it as such, as I had not seen any 2.1s pushed that hard at the time. In hindsight, I wish I was nicer to it as it worked awesomely.

I am not sure which failure came first but I have found 3. One of the pistons had a ringland failure, all four pistons had cracks like this on both sides of the skirt on the intake side of the piston, and two of the sleeves had cracks forming. I don't know what of the failures caused other failures (cracked pistons from too much power causing too much friction on the sleeves cracking them, causing heat spots making easy detonation to kill a ringland?) or if they were each from different things.

I just pushed it too hard for too long on cheapy budget parts, but the thing was amazing for what it was.

Edit: If I had to guess on the torque difference between a 2.0 and a 2.1 I would say the butt dyno registers it at about 1/2 the difference between a 2.0 and a 2.5 but I had AVCS to help as well so not quite half but definitely significant. It is hard to quantify it exactly as a lot of things impact torque output and I changed a LOT all at once going from stock ej205 to stroker with v7 heads.
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