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We mount the camera, set the carís data logging to record and go for it. We start off with all the driver aids on, to get a feel for the road and the car. We start to belt through a couple corners but catch up to some cruisers enjoying the scenery. We are able to make several passes throughout the day, so itís not such a big deal. The car does absolutely great with all the aids on. Itíll keep you pointed where you want to go when you want to go there, but of courseÖ itís a nanny slowly you down. TC offÖ letís see what the other end of the spectrum says. The car is decently tail happy, but not so much so that you have to anticipate and correct it. We could get it a little loose through some of the sharper corners if we tried, but overall the car prefers to stick more than we thought it could. The front goes where you point it and stays there! The steering feel is very good. One benefit of the electric power steering is that when the front starts to push out, the steering wheel doesnít get so heavy that youíre fighting to even get it to turn. You get relatively even weight/force feedback through the steering wheel, allowing you to one handedly correct any cornering lines. Now, the car will understeer noticeably when your entry speed is too high for the angle with all the aids off. Itís nothing scary or uncontrollable, but it will put you off your line if you donít correct the speed. After a few passes, we decide to leave VSC Sport on. It allows a good amount of play before the car starts inputting corrections. We started leaving it in third gear with VSC Sport on and bolting into corners. Everyone who has ever said this is a driverís car was absolutely correct. It has very minimal body roll and corners flatter than anything Iíve ever driven. The car will make you a better driver. The VSC kicks in enough to keep you safe and then you can accomplish the goal of being just as fast, but without listening to the car brake the inside wheel to keep you on line. Moral of the storyÖ HOLY $#[email protected] WHAT AN AMAZING CAR!! Seriously! Iím in love!

Sadly, we had to leave the Tail of the Dragon and head back towards Texas. :-( We left the area around 7:30 PM on Saturday night with this ahead of us:

BtwÖ Alabama roads suck. We got stuck in traffic at midnight because of large refinery tank was trying to get off the highway. AnywaysÖ the car was so comfortable for the whole trip. If we got a little restless, we could blast the AC and turn on the heated seats to relax. The car will easily pass slow drivers while still in 6th gear. 6 hour driving stints and the only reason one of us wanted to get out from behind the wheel was because sleep was winning over. 16 or so hours later and a couple stops for gas, we see a very welcome sight. Hello Houston!

I drop my brother off at home, give my niece all her souvenirs, and make my way another 90 miles to College Station. Even after being in the car for 4 days and over 2300 miles, I still loved every second of being in it! My house was becoming more of a stopping point between the next drive and less of a home where I park the car. I finally pull on to my street around 1 PM on Sunday. But, I donít get to look forward to going back to bed. Subi is covered in bugs and needs a bath. She gets hers before I get mine. Seems only fair, right?

2470 miles logged for the entire trip from Maine. The car said we had averaged 31.3 MPG which was damn good considering the driving we were doing. Thanks to the dealershipís first full tank, we only spent $250 in gas for the whole trip. Not bad at all considering a single personís plane ticket up there cost me $300. I was glad to be home, and so was everyone elseÖ because I spent the rest of the evening giving everyone I know a joy ride in the new car. *smh* Sleep hit me like a piano from a cartoon around midnight. 7 hours of sleep and I was bolt upright, excited about the opportunity to drive my new car again, even if only the 5 miles to work!
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