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Originally Posted by SleeperSTI06 View Post
Hey guys, I'm new to the Cobb accessport and have been reading around and have decided that it is the most practical way for me to tune my 06 wrx. My questions are, what stage should I be running once I flash, and will I be able to find maps for those mods without getting a protune? Like I said I'm new to this so any help is appreciated.
My mods include:

Vf 39 or 43 (haven't been able to check because I can't see the serial plate on the turbo.

Perrin short ram

Cobb full exhaust

Huge tmic (don't know the brand)


Sti pink injectors (I think)

And a fuel pump will be added.

I don't 100% know about every single one of the mods because I bought the car with alot of them already done.

I want to run a conservative tune on pump gas as well because the car is my daily.

Hi there. We don't have a map that specifically cover those mods for an 06 WRX. We do have a stage 3 VF39 map, but it is for the stock injectors and stock or Cobb SF intake. I would not recommend running that map with your set up unless you find that the turbo is a VF39, the injectors are stock and you can switch to the Cobb SF or stock intake.

Best thing to do is to take the car to a Subaru tuning shop so they can give the car a once-over and determine exactly what mods you have. A custom tune would be your best bet. Any shop that tunes with our software can create a custom map (or multiple maps) for the AccessPORT and your car.

The following is a list of AccessPORT Subaru protuners. These would be primarily shops that could do a custom tune on a dyno:

The following is a list of AccessPORT Subaru e-tuners. E-tuners are those that are willing to tune the car via email. They send you a base tune, you data log and send them the logs, and they make tweaks to the map, you data log again, etc.

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