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Project Update for Aug 4, 2012: Final thrash underway for the trip out to Colorado Springs that leaves tomorrow. The last few days have been a blur. I just worked a 25 hour stint and got back to the shop after a few hours sleep. Please forgive spelling/grammar/logic errors in this post, as we're all having trouble remembering what happened. Final hours of prep are here!

More Exterior Prep

I think Ryan had finished metal work on the right rear fender where we left off. From there Ryan finished up welding the left rear flare, Big Paul helped with some metal grinding, and I got to work on the bodywork on the right rear. This is the one with the fuel door and was extra fun. I started on this at 7 am Friday morning, knocked that out, we went to the test (more on that below), came back and I worked through the night on that plus the left rear. I suck at body work - we don't normally do this work - but it's done and they are wrapping the car now.

Don't ever try to make exaggerated OEM steel flares like this on a Subaru. Just cut for the tire clearance you need, buy composite flares and slap them on. This was an epic amount of work - like 150 man hours or more. Not what you do for race car flares.

Matt has been working on the hood, hood scoop and bumper cover wrapping for the last 2+ days. Amy and Jason are jumping in now to help cover the rest of the car now. Lots of work to do.

I left the shop at midnight on Thursday but Matt and Ryan were still going strong. We had talked... talked about replacing the OEM rear wing but there just didn't seem like we had time left to get it on, do some testing, and make the matching front splitter. Well I made it back into the shop at 7 am on Friday and saw this monster bolted to the trunk. They took the GTC-300 carbon wing from my Mustang, mounts and uprights as well, and made it fit Brianne's Subaru. Fit perfectly, bolts securely to the full steel trunk lid, and the forces go right into the rear fenders/chassis. Massively strong uprights - .250" thick 6061-T6 plates. Trust me - we've heard all of the suggestions on Facebook already: No, it doesn't need cables or guy wires or more structure. The same wing worked fine on my Mustang just bolted to the trunk, going into Turn 1 at 150 mph at Texas World Speedway, and it worked on the Subaru in testing at 130+ yesterday. No shimmy, no shake, and it isn't falling off.

More Race Prep

Thermal wrap is still going on in many places. The ECU is still in the factory location, under a metal "shoe rest" in the passenger foot well. To keep heat from the ECU and the navigator's feet we've covered this section in thermal insulating blanket, sealed to the floor. The downpipe is fully wrapped, too. No more melted shoe soles.

(continued in part 2 below)
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