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(continued from above)

Arrival and Tech

Jason and Brianne led the caravan that drove through the night, along with two cars carrying support crew, and made it to Colorado Springs Monday around lunch time. They spent most of the day just acclimating to the altitude, and then went to tech with the car on Tuesday. As of now, half of the Vorshlag crew is on the mountain. The guys uploaded this picture last night, during tech and scrutineering. They had a small issue at tech that I will quote straight from the Brianne Corn Racing facebook page:

Tech was odd in that our car which has had an SCCA Log book since like 2005, and was raced here last year (without issue), (but then) didn't pass tech (this year). It turns out that there were 2 incomplete welds in the (top of the) cage. I found the maintenance shop at PPIR and talked the guy into letting me loose with his welder. An hour or so later we passed tech and were out on the test course turning laps.
Good news, in that was the only wrinkle they've had so far in Colorado. Last year they were still building the car at this point, so they are way ahead this time around. There have been a number of cars that lost motors and/or overheated at a test earlier in the week at PPIR, a small oval track with an infield road course south of Colorado Springs. Brianne and Jeremy have made some test laps in the Subaru are very happy with it so far; they are making some slight tuning tweaks and are ready to attack the mountain.

The major sponsors are listed in the side stripes, such as Vorshlag, AWDTuning, Pirtek Plano South, AST-USA, Ignite, Swift and Amsoil. There's still a few more decals to go on, but it's 99.5% done and it is race ready. According to our folks at tech, the car was very well received by fans and competitors alike. People were constantly taking pictures of it, like this guy above.

Practice on the Mountain Wednesday

The team spent the morning at the very top of Pikes Peak (all the way up to 14K feet) doing some shakedown practice runs, shown below.

After these practice runs they adjusted camber (it had "way too much") and AWD Tuning was adjusting the tune. The crew is heading to PPIR with the car right now for some additional handling tweaks and more testing tonight. As I write this Brianne and Jeremy are driving up the mountain in a street car for some recon runs, then will blast down and meet the crew at PPIR to drive the STi. Tomorrow the rest of Vorshlag crew flies out of Dallas to Colorado Springs and we will all be there over the weekend (our shop will be closed Friday) to support her race efforts. We will post up more pictures on Facebook during the race weekend and will make a mega-post after we get back from Colorado next week. If you want to see more during the event go to the Brianne Corn Racing and Vorshlag facebook pages.

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