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Originally Posted by jandree22 View Post
Yeah pretty much this. No stock at any of the 5 closest dealers. First of all, 6-12 months for a WRX I don't believe, maybe 6-12 weeks. If you're a gotta have it now guy, that's why dealers (sometimes can) hold stock on their lot. Some people (like me) enjoy the experience of building their own personal car, and the anticipation of it being built exclusively for them. Got my deal for a pinch over invoice. And my salesman said he likes to take pictures of ordered cars arriving on the truck for their customers. Sorry, but that's just crazy cool. I'm stoked

Different strokes for different folks, just a different car buying experience, that's all.
Agreed, different strokes, but I do think many folks have been waiting 3 months for the opportunity to order a 2013 which will then take 6-12 weeks...maybe. That gets you to 6 months pretty quickly.

I am no expert, but I have had a similar experience as the guy in New England. Dealer stock lists 0 WRXs, but the allocations which are incoming, are being offered to those buyers who have reached out and conversed with a salesperson. I got a call yesterday about 6 WRX allocations which are inbound. I have already put a deposit on one at a different establishment which should arrive in 5 days. They can still customize and add options to a certain degree, so it can be "your car", as much as any car stock, mass manufactured car can be "your car".

I could have waited for the 2013, saved a model year but for what? If this was a Ford then depreciation would certainly be a factor, but the Subarus, and specifically the WRXs, don't have depreciation to the degree which makes that a decision point. I would rather be driving my new car then pining after my soon to be new car which may or may not arrive before Thanksgiving.

Anyway, different strokes, but there are cars out there for those that want one. Call, talk to a real person, get out from behind the key board and you will find it.

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