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Originally Posted by TurboQueef View Post
I am getting good feedback on a post I made in the RomRaider forum.

I am in the process of confirming the feedback directly with AEM Tech Support.. I will provide updates to this post when I confirm everything.

Here are key points (unconfirmed at this point)

* Pin #15 on connector B137 of the 2005 STi ECU is the safe mode trigger point. We need to ground this pin to force limp mode.

* When pin #15 is grounded, it forces dynamic advance to zero and switches to failsafe fuel maps.

Here is a link to the RomRaider post:
I just confirmed using my continuity tester that pin #15 on connector B137 goes to the female side of the little green connector that is used to flash ROM to the ECU. The female side of the green connector goes to pin #15 and the male side goes to ground.

I still need to confirm that grounding pin #15 zeros out the IAM and triggers failsafe fuel maps...
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