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August 10th Update

This is the second last update. Last update will be next Friday, they day before the event. There is only ONE WEEK left...,

Cut Off for registration is Saturday August 11th, as I have to have my numbers in by Sunday. Saturday the 11th is also the cut off for arranging payment. If I have not been contacted by you and you are on the bottom of the registration list or you have not yet registered, you will not be able to participate, so at the very least contact me and let me know what is up. Participation is key so we can work something out. Don't worry if you can't make it, stuff happens and it is better for me to know so I stop bugging you...,

Find below a small video about the Charity that you are helping here. This is a short video about Camp Shawnigan and the wonderful things that they do thier for the kids. Below is a small snipet froma note I received thanking all of us for our work:

That’s awesome, Dave. Thank you so much. We can definitely request that the money go directly to campership. It’s costs us approximately $2400 to send a kid to camp for a week so depending on how much you raise this year, you will send that many children to Camp Shawnigan. We cannot give you specific names of the kids that you have sent to camp but we can ensure that the money does go directly for that. I’m not sure if you’ve visited Camp Shawnigan so I’ve attached a video for you and your friends to watch if you like. It paints a pretty good picture of what camp is like.

Thank you so much for your generosity again this year. When you bring in the cheque, we would love to sit down with you for a few minutes and just hear more details of how the Poker Run actually works. We are wondering if we could help in any way to add to your event and make it even bigger and better next year. Not sure if that interests you at all but regardless, we’d love to hear more about it.

We so appreciate your group again helping us to give children abilities. Our thanks,

BC Lions Society
Easter Seals
Camp Shawnigan

More Raffle Items:
1) One of 4 Tom Tom GPS Units approx value $160.00 (Island Honda) - $10.00 ticket value.
2) One SuperNOva DLX 8" Android Media Tablet, approx value $220.00 (Island Honda) - $25.00 ticket value.
3) One of two boxes of Noodle Golf Balls (Kal-Tire) - $5.00 ticket value.
4) One carry side bag (Kal-Tire) - $5.00 ticket value.

There are also loads and loads of door prizes and other items that will be available (I have not listed the multitude of shirts. hats and those sorts of things that will either be raffled or will go as door prizes, I have not decided yet). Lets just say we have LOTS of stuff and a big thanks to all of our sponsors.

Registration To Date:

Paid In Full:
1) DDonovan (Dave/Ellen) - Victoria (S2Ki) - (Paid)
2) Mid Isle S2K (John) - Duncan (S2Ki) - (Paid)
3) 1st94NSX (Troy/Bev) - Vancouver (NSXPrime) - (Paid)
4) sringrose (Scott/Sandy) - Victoria (S2Ki) - (Paid)
5) Paris (Paris/???) - Victoria (NSXPrime) - (Paid)
6) mxwizard (Tim/Cathie) - Victoria (NIClub Vic) - (Paid)
7) notbadd (Mark/Judy) - Vancouver (S2Ki) - (Paid)
8) xviper/repiv (Dave) - Calgary (S2Ki/ - (Paid)
9) my Happy Place (Peter/Ursula) - Mission (S2Ki) - (Paid)
10) Kassroth (Colin) - 100 Mile House ( - (Paid)
11) Murray_Perret (Murray) - Peachland (no forum S2000) - (Paid)
12) lawtd (Lawrence/Andrea) - Victoria (GenCoupe) - (Paid)
13) jsooke (Jay/Janet) - Victoria (Nasioc) - (Paid)
14) Bill_Heinrich (Bill/Patty) - Peachland (no forum - S2000) - (Paid)
15) John_Geddes (John/Glenna) - Vancouver (no forum - S2000) - (Paid)
16) Drich (Devin) - Victoria (Rx8Club) - (Paid)
17) JeremyBell (Jeremy/John Paul) - Delta (no forum - Del Sol) - (Paid)
18) JC350Z (Jessica) - Victoria (MY350Z) - (Paid)
19) z33sidewayz (Robert) - Victoria (MY350Z) - (Paid)
20) ssthrd (Dave/Juanita ) - Parksville (S2Ki) - (Paid)
21) 5252 (Chris/Blane) - Victoria (Sponsors) - (Paid)
22) ITNKICN (Ian/Robin) - Vancouver (G35Driver) - (Paid)
23) TheTruth (Dale) - Lazo ( - WRX STi) - (Paid)
24) Zoomie (Chris/Kacey) - Courtney (EvoX) - (Paid)
25) Danno (Dan) - Victoria (No forum - Skyline GTR) - (Paid)

Arrangements Made
26) moS2000 (Mo/Patrice) - Vancouver (S2Ki) - (Paid) - (Patrice to pay Friday 10th)
27) Ed_Hollander (Ed/Caleb/Pete) Coquitlam (No forum Acura TL) - Registered (Paid) - (confirmed third passenger to pay on day of)
28) Tubber273 (John/Amy) - Nanaimo (MaseratiLife - 2002 Spyder) - Registered (Pay Wed 15th)
29) KevinBurn (Kevin) - Qualicum Beach (my350z) - Registered - (Pay on the 7th)
30) AiRing (Alasdair/Darryl) - Victoria (GenCoupe) - Registered (not paid) - (Pay on 14th)
31) ajmichelson (Adam/Rachel) - Duncan (Rx8Club) - (contacted me will pay by the 11th)
32) Mattolla (Matt/Karen) - Nanaimo (Nasioc) - Registered (not paid) - (will pay on the morning of)
33) steve-o-1797 (Steve) - Victoria (team-integra) - Registered (not paid) - (confirmed Pay Saturday 11th)
34) AgentJ17 (Jonathan/???) (JDMVIP-STi RS) - Registered (not paid) - (confirmed attendance via email, pay next week)
35) Shane_Sawatzki (Shane/+1) - Victoria (GTRC) - Registered (not paid) - (confirmed attendance and will pay either 17th or morning of).
36) jamesthejames (James/ Cherisse) - Campbell River (SupraForums) - Registered (not paid) - (confirmed attendance will pay day of)
37) MonkeyNutz Racing (Sean/Jurie) - Vancouver (Sponsors - TR7) - Registered (not paid) - (confirmed attendance will pay shortly).

No Payment Yet
38) RobertHendrickson (Robert/Preston) - Vancouver (BC240) - Registered (not paid)
39) [email protected] (Phil/Janiece) - Vancouver (revscene) - Registered (not paid)
40) bob-the-blue-blob (Ryan/Danyelle) Victoria (SupraForums) - Registered (not paid)
41) Swblee (Scott) - Maple Ridge (S2Ki) - Registered (not paid)
42) Mikeysi250 (Mike) - Victoria (8thCivic) - Registered (not paid)

Not Registered Yet
43) esstwothousand (Ronnie) - Victoria (S2Ki) - Not Registered Yet

43 Cars / 74 People
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