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Originally Posted by quentinberg007 View Post
The new 6AT 4WD systems for Toyota use 3 differentials without the ability to force the transfer case into a lock condition. I haven't had a Venza/Sienna/RX350 back to back against my Mom's Rav, but my impression is that the Rav has a better system because you can preemptively tell the car to get into a more aggressive 4WD mode. I don't think anyone was talking about rock crawling. I wouldn't take FWD based anything "real off road" (or a Subaru for that matter... way too much over hang).
Have you ever tried to back a FWD based 4wd car up a ramp? It's a no go, also if you car slides off the road into a ditch and you try to get back up? Or driving down a louisiana farm road covered in mud? Rock crawling is an extreme example i gave, notice the use of the word "type", but there are situations where you simply need more available torque to a specific wheel.

I wasn't talking anything newer toyota 4wd systems, nor other toyota 4wd systems. I was talking specifically about the rav4 system. If you visit the link i put up, you will see the differences. Toyota does offer fulltime 4WD systems in their other vehicles, but the rav4 is a FWD based system to keep cost and size down.

Also, if you go back and reread SHIK's statement, it does in fact imply an actual lockable differential. "Lock" is a misused word by toyota, it should be called MAX 4WD or something to that effect. I was merely clarifying so misinformation doesn't perpetuate down the interwebs.

Oh and BTW, my wife owns a 2011 Toyota Rav 4. I own an impreza and i drive both in the snow as she's too afraid too. We also get plowed in during a snow storm as our garage is too full to put the cars in there. I can tell you the subaru pulls out no problem every time without issue, the rav 4 hesitates a little more getting over the snow hump to get out onto the street.
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