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Update to the motor, found out the bottom rad hose was seeping a bit when I went high rpm. Changed out the stock spring clamp for a worm gear clamp and seems to have solved all my coolant loss problems...

However, I never had an issue before... must be having some higher coolant pressure during boost/high rpm? Possibly because I have a sleeved block? More restriction in flow? The cometic head gaskets did also seem to have smaller coolant passages if I remember correctly. I drove the car pretty hard (trying not to go to jail - 25psi in all gears, high rpm) up to an evening class (on top of a mountain) and I promptly popped the hood and looked at the overflow. It was near the top (aps overflow tank) but didn't overflow. It did bubble every now and then? No coolant loss as far as I can tell anymore.

I think I'm going to have to find somewhere to stress out the car more. Or what I'm thinking is installing a coolant pressure sensor. Kind of like what some pro level cars or wrc cars use. At least if I know coolant pressure spikes during some high boost/rpm pulls, I have a head gasket issue.

It's easy to install and the sensor is relatively cheap... also could come in handy? What do you guys think?

Where should I put it? Upper rad hose? Lower rad hose? Tap the upper coolant crossover pipe?
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