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Originally Posted by WRXt4cy View Post
Yeah, you'd want to adjust all tables.

What size injectors did you put in? Did the guy that made your current tune scale these cranking tables down already or not? Normally you would reduce the cranking PW for bigger injectors running on gas by the value of old scaling / new scaling. For E85 you want to raise the PW back up quite a bit for lower ECTs and keep them down for higher ECTs (for hot starts).

As an example 1000s usually like about 20% more than stock PW for 68* and down, 10% around 86* and 30% less for higher ECTs.

If you think its too rich then try lowering it but usually E85 needs to be sprayed pretty rich for cold starts.

How cold is it where you are?
mornings are ususally only a little over freezing.

got stuck into it tonight and leaned it out. wouldn't you know it starts!

it had to be leaned out QUITE a bit. went from -55 to -80 or something along those lines... though i did triple the size of the factory injectors with the new ones soooooooo. as you said, hot was actually too lean as a result and i sorted the idle out as well. much richer = no more hunting. that was from about -55 to -29 iirc.

tomorrow it's time to sort out the lurching problem. any more than about 30% throttle = lurching and jerking and carrying on, making hills a no-go.

hopefully it's just the stock ecu getting really cranky about being pig rich there too. but this is all simply being done so i can burn this tank of E85. there's only one E85 bowser in my area, only 1 4wd dyno and the dyno owner wants a small fortune to tune on it himself and won't hire it out per hour or whatever to anyone else. i do however have a map from my exact same setup (i run a supercharged kit) tuned by the kit makers that i'll be loading in and tweaking from there. with any luck it might just need a 2:1 fpr to get the richer air/fuels i want for the track, and we're set.
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