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Originally Posted by MtnXfreeride View Post
My questions are.. is it doing any harm or is it good to layer wax and polish over and over like this? Should I be stripping everything off before this process? And is this a bad order to do things?
The answer to these 3 questions would depend solely on the characteristics of the product(s) you are using. While the term "polish" is generally understood as a product that has some abrasive characteristics (to correct blemishes in your finish), some products labeled as a "polish" are not abrasive at all. A good example of this is Zaino's Z-2 or Z-5. The fact is that these terms are not standardized in the industry. ....which can make it even more confusing. Personally, I would determine your goals and then choose your products based on their own, individual attributes and how well they meet your needs.

In your scenario (with the products you have chosen so far), your path seems counter-productive. I don't know if Nu Finish has abrasives that provide some mild corrective ability but briefly looking at the MSDS for the product I see it does contain petroleum distillates which can chemically aid in the removal of oxidation, old wax residue, etc. Applying Nu Finish over something like a quick wax (like your E1), I'll wager it would remove most (if not all) of that product from the surface. The other potential downside is compatibility and/or interference in regard to the adhesion of the Nu Finish protective component(s) to your paint caused by a wax or other product you may use underneath.

Originally Posted by MtnXfreeride View Post
I doubt the wax-as-u-dry really has much to it anyway it goes on so lightly to avoid streaking.
A quick wax or quick detailer is generally meant to provide a boost to your existing LSP (last step product; wax/sealant) and help provide that "just waxed look". In this scenario, I would say your best bet would be to apply the Nu Finish as your base LSP and then follow up with the E1 if you so desire.

Originally Posted by MtnXfreeride View Post
The reason I ask is that I am considering buying a quality wax and doing the car over with that then NU finish polish on a day off to have a thick protective coat.. is this a bad idea?
I would recommend reading the directions for your Nu Finish product. It appears they recommend one coat initially and then to follow up with a second coat 30 days later. Due to the potential cleaning ability of the product and the manufacturers own recommendation, I would see it as a waste to "layer" this product beyond the 2 applications they describe. ....although you're more than welcome to do this if your own personal experience/preferences differ.

Originally Posted by MtnXfreeride View Post
My 06' Subaru had all kinds of tiny nicks and paint discolorations from road tar/bugs/sap so I want to get a strong layer of protection going.
....just keep in mind that no LSP (that I'm aware of at least) will provide any measurable protection against chips. As far as contaminants and how they bond and/or damage the finish, this will depend on how well Nu Finish does at this task. IMO/IME, not all LSP's do well (or equally) in this regard.
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