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Originally Posted by XanRules View Post
7. Take the Advice People Give You.
I see far too many threads that go like this.
OP: "Hey guys, my car isn't working, I'm throwing the following codes and recently did the following modifications, what should I do to fix it?"
Helper: "Do x, y, and z."
OP: "Okay, I did a, b, and c, and it still isn't working, should I maybe try doing d and e?"
Helper: "Do x, y, and z. Seriously."
OP: "Okay, well, that didn't work, but, I tried doing r, l, and q..."
Helper: "Did you do x, y, and z?"
OP: "no, but I just tried m, pi, and tractor."
Literally made me laugh out loud.
But seriously though, I would have tried banana, q, and zeta.

Yeah, that wasn't funny at all... I tried!
Bored at work, SUCKS.
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