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This is a some what off topic question but I am about to be swapping a sti transmission into my car and I was wondering if these statements are true...

1. Gas mileage will go down? From what I have read the 06 sti trans has a shorter 6th then the wrx does 5th, If this is so how significant of a MPG decrease will I be seeing?

2. Second question is, and I know and agree that any loss is worth the room to grow by doing this swap, How negatively will this swap effect my cars performance? I have heard the sti trans eats up more power so I would actually be losing whp by doing this swap. Additionally in the wrx 5spd I know you can hit 60+mph in second gear where as in the sti's I have heard you need to shift to third I imagine this would effect my 0-60 times as well as 1/4 times? If so how much power would I be losing on estimation and how badly would this effect my 0-60 and 1/4 times? if at all?

I am full aware any light you guys can shed on this would be pure speculation but I would like to see what kind of draw backs I would be facing after doing this swap.

I am not huge on the track but I ran the car once and it ran a 12.6 with the wrx 5 speed to give you a idea of where I am at now. The car also put down 330whp/310wtq, and I currently average a bout 20mpg city, 27mpg high way.

I don't want my questions to make me come off as being immature and only looking at short term things, but this swap is going to be a hard hit on my wallet and I know there wont be any power adder mods going on for a while after doing this. So I would like to see where my car may be at for a few months.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide on these questions!
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