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Originally Posted by MtnXfreeride View Post
We are talking about a car with 2000 miles one it, I feel like dawn and the type of polish you refer to aren't necessary and will only scratch the otherwise perfect paint.

NU Finish is a "polish" but its not really IMO.. you dont rub it in.. just apply and wipe off and you can feel a coating of protection on there. So is it really stripping the eagle 1 off? I really feel like it is a paint sealant more than a polish.

I will wash my car with a quality regular (not rainX) soap..
Clay bar (Have a kit already)
Apply a paint sealant - Recommendations?
Apply my NU Finish
Use Eagle One wax-as-dry in between

Once my current supply runs out Ill consider a switch.. but I really REALLY like the way NU Finish goes on/off and that coat I can feel.

I like what Kean/erik said, so based on what he said and others here, can someone recommend a nice base paint sealant to apply?
If you like how Nu Finish performs for you, then I say stick with it.

What exactly are you looking to gain from applying all of these layers of different product? Personally, I like to keep it simple and would recommend you consider doing the same. Seeing how you like Nu Finish, I would use that as your sole LSP. ....using a QD/QW (if you want to) to freshen up the finish as I discussed in my earlier post. I really see no need to use something else under the Nu Finish or vice versa.

Quick waxes like the E1 product you mentioned are not exactly known for their resilience or staying power. As I said before, they are really just meant to add a little boost to your existing LSP and/or to bring back that "just waxed look", etc.

As far as Nu Finish possibly removing or compromising an existing product on your finish, it was due more to the carrier solvents I noticed that it contains. Carrier solvents are what keep some products in a workable state and then flash off as the product dries on the surface its applied to. They can have the potential to dissolve LSP's (although some may be more resistant than others). Nu Finish also recommends it's product to be applied to a clean surface free of other products to promote proper adhesion and ensure best performance. .....all good reasons to stick to it (IMO) instead of looking to layer it over something else.

If you are in some way dissatisfied with Nu Finish, just know that there are a myriad of other decent products out there that are bound to meet most (if not all) of your criteria.
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