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Originally Posted by Celery GT-5 View Post
like an offset zonda exhaust?
Haha, yeah. Maybe it's that!

Originally Posted by J_Maher_WRX View Post
Lmao this^^^

Jokes aside, Any style of tips are for aesthetics. Any quad tip or single tip can flow the same amount, or more than the other, depending on the characteristics of the exhaust. The one and only advantage of the single tip over the quads, if comparing two exhausts that have been designed to flow the same amount, is weight.

In general, yes the single tip will probably flow more than most quad tip styles on the market due to relatively poor design. Though when I am running quad tips with no mufflers, no cats, and a full 3" system, I would bet my car that my exhaust can flow just as much, if not more than any N1 style.
A straight through 3" setup would still flow better than a WRX with a 3" midpipe that splits off into two 3" pipes (ie. double the flow area). This is due to the y-split getting in the way and causing turbulence, and the second pipe not actually helping flow because pressure has already dropped so much.

It's not going to flow more than a straight though 3". It still has to squeeze through that 3" midpipe. A good analogy is a fire hose on the end of a garden hose. It's not going to flow more just because you've added a giant hose onto the end. This is especially true because the split is so far towards the end of the system.

Then it basically comes down to 1/2 of that split just being dead weight and aesthetics. A true dual exhaust (ie. not on a turbo'd car) is a different story.

Originally Posted by Celery GT-5 View Post
the muffler being sideways must hurt flow to some extent
Originally Posted by J_Maher_WRX View Post
Not sure whether you're referring to me or Ben :P

I have a sedan broski, no mufflers, no cats, just one resonator
Originally Posted by Celery GT-5 View Post
I'm just referring to all 5 door quad/dual setups
Originally Posted by J_Maher_WRX View Post
Ahh ok well in that case I definitely agree with you. In the hatches case, the additional tubing an extra bends required for the quad tips could hamper air flow. A single tip probably would be the best option for the hatch owners looking to get the most out the exhaust
I really wish the profile would have a field for body style. People come in and talk about a completely different (and irrelevant for this discussion) body style, and then everyone gets confused because people don't specify.

FYI - There are quad tip, muffler deletes for the hatches too. The tips themselves don't matter much, but the single pipe is still going to flow the best and weigh the least.

BUT... Quad tips still look the best.
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