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Default GRB STi - ETS GTX3076R Build (FOR SALE!)

To skip the mini-build on stock motor, skip to post #7 for the NEW build with the current modifications list below!

See last page for selling info!

Never really had a build thread for any of my projects just because I don't have enough damn time. Always busy with work and when I'm working on the car I'm usually in a rush so I never have time to stop and take pictures. I hope this time around I can cover most of the progress and keep you guys up-to-date fairly often. I hate it as much as the next person when a build thread goes on forevvveeerrrrr haha.

Current Modifications

Internal Engine

-Newest Subaru Block
-Original D-AVCS Heads with AVCS deleted
-2013 Heat Treated Crank
-ACL Orbit High Pressure Oil Pump
-2008+ Non-Turbo Impreza Water Pump (For OEM Oil Cooler Delete)
-Manley Rods
-Manley 9:1 AB Pistons
-King XPG Series Bearings
-ARP Head Studs
-Saruda Head Gaskets
-Manley Valve Springs and Retainers
-Manley SS Valves
-GSC S2 For 04-07 STi - AVCS Deleted
-GSC Valve Seals
-Brian Crower Adjustable Cam Gears - On EJ20 Centerline + 1.1Degrees
-TigWerks Oil Pickup
-Tomei Slicer/Baffle
-Gates T328RB Timing Belt and new OEM pulley’s and Tensioner

External Engine

-MAPerformance ported intake manifold
-MAPerformance TGV deletes
-Air Pump Delete
-Torque Solution Motor Mounts
-Torque Solution Pitchstop Mount
-Grimmspeed Crank Pulley
-Custom AVCS Pass. AVCS Line with FP inline oil filter


-Pump 93 from Sunoco ONLY
-Injector Dynamic 1000cc injectors
-Boomba Fuel Rails
-DW65C In-tank 265lph Fuel Pump
-Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Fuelab 40Micron Fuel Filter With Built-in Check Valve (Under Car)
-Fuelab 40Micron Fuel Filter (In engine bay)
-Mocal AHL -6an Nomex Hose and AN Fittings From Tank to Rail

-DBA T3 Clubspec Front Rotors
-Stoptech High Carbon Rear Rotors (Blank)
-Stoptech ST309 Pads Front and Rear
-Motul RBF660 Fluid
-Stock Brembo Calipers with low tension piston springs (to prevent knockback)
-APR Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts
-Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace

-Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5 +27 (Street)
-Hankook RS3 255/35/18
-Vorshlag Extended Studs
-Vorshlag Open Ended Lugs

-ISC Coilovers and Camber Plates w/ Thrust Bearings
-Penske Rebuild and Valved
-Swift Coilover Springs (10k/F, 9k/R)
-Whiteline Endlinks (Front) Have rear as well, can be included for free
-Torque Solution Endlinks (Rear)
-Whiteline Subframe Bushings
-Whiteline Diff Bushings
-Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
-Whiteline Race Rear Sway
-Whiteline Rear Swaybar Supports
-Whiteline Rear Swaybar Mounts
-Whiteline Front Sway


-Competition Clutch ST Flywheel
-Competition Clutch Stage 2 HD Clutch
-Torque Solution Driveshaft Carrier Bushings
-Torque Solution Shifter Bushings
-Torque Solution Delrin Shift Knob
-Torque Solution Shifter Extension
-Torque Solution Short Throw Shifter
-Torque Solution Delrin Pivot Bushings

-Cobb Protuner Software
-Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid
-Omnipower 4bar MAP Sensor
-FAST Motorsports IAT
-Speed Density

Turbo Kit, Intercooler Kit, Exhaust
-ETS Rotated GTX3076R Turbo Kit w/ Tial SS V-band In-Out Housing
-ETS FMIC Kit Setup w/ 4" Speed Density Intake and 3.5 Core
-Perrin EL Header
-Tial MV-R Wastegate
-Tial Q 50mm BOV
-JMFabrications Custom Exhaust; Magnaflow Mini Muffler, Magnaflow HFC, Straight Pipe. Muffler and HFC are under the car and just a straight pipe to turn down coming out the back. The Muffler will be removable with v-bands to swap in a test pipe for the track (Sound Decibel Permitting)
-JMFabrications Custom Catch Can

Current Sponsors
Torque Solution
Competition Clutch
Swift Springs
Deatschwerks Injectors/Pumps

JNZ Tuning - for the AWESOME powdercoating and random fitting and an line supply!
JM Fab - for the exhaust and catch can
Cosworth - For the hookup on Pistons
Manley - For the hookup on Springs/Retainers, Rods, Valves, and Pistons (Though we swapped out to Cosworth)
GSC Power Division - For the hookup on the camahfts

My last build on here was a 2002 WRX Wagon. Stock 2.0L, e85, FP 68hta, 411whp/407wtq. I loved the car, but I got wind of a good deal on a CTS-V and had a fire sale on the Wagon and sold it with a TON of mods for 8,000 dollars. I lost my ass out on it but it went to a good guy and it stayed pretty much the same as when I sold it to him. Ever since I sold the wagon, I had the urge to get another Subaru. I have owned over 10 and there was never really a time I didn't own one. Fast forward a year, I got tired of my 600whp CTS-V and sold it. Picked up a Yukon XL for a daily and a future tow rig. Now (August 2010) it was time to get something I want to mod/track that is affordable.

A couple of months goes by and early March 2011 comes around and the company I was working for at the time decided that we are going to expand the company to Dallas, TX. This requires me to pack up and head on out. So end of March I pack up my stuff, load up and move to North Dallas. Between work and scouting out new locations I started to fall back into my old roots and wanted to pick up another Subaru. With all the open track days in this state (Texas) I couldn't help but want to get something newer and track-able. Here what I ended up with;

Bone stock 2008 STi. Had set of Rally Armor mudflaps on it and that was it for modifications. I was just happy I could find a stock GRB that wasn't beat to ****. Seems like everyone gets them and does bolt on's without a tune and sells them back to the dealer when they start having problems. Luckily this wasn't the case.

And then it starts

May 2011; Invidia Downpipe, TurboXS Catback, RCE Yellows, Whiteline Endlinks, Whiteline Rear Diff Bushings, Whiteline Rear Subframe Bushings, Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings.

June 2011;
ETS Intercooler, Cobb Intake, Cobb Accessport, Torque Solution Motor Mounts, Torque Solution Pitch Stop Mount, Torque Solution Driveshaft Carrier Bushings, Torque Solution Shifter Bushings, Torque Solution License Plate Delete.

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