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Originally Posted by Omega_2nr View Post
krzyss, Nice post. Interesting story, I have both the Hankook evo 12's and the Sumitomo HTRZIII's, in the same size (two different sets of tyres of course) - the ZIII's are much wider.

The Evo12's have decent grip, but they really have a "squishy"/soft feel to them. The ZIII"s have much better feedback w/o being as harsh as StarSpecs/Neovas, similar traction "feel" to the Evo 12, but feel slightly sportier overall. I'd faster recommend the ZIII as a budget alternative than the Evo 12 K110's (well, aside from the 595 RS-R)....cuz they are priced about the same IIRC, and give more value for money IMHO
a friend had the htrzIII on his wrx and i drove **** outa that car and liked those tires 10000000% better than the v12 hankooks

them v12 hankooks are just a touring tire....they are NOT a performance tire
__________________________________________________ __

and after using 'performance' tires since the early 1980's.....

the federal 595RS-R is the best UHP/MAX performance street/dd tire there is right now....nothing even comes close

good ride
great performance wet and dry
decent life
work on the track just fine if ya wanna do that
they just do NOTHING wrong....quite amazing, really

about the only downside is a bit limited size selection
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