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Subaru Stars PhatBotti Tunning - August 2012 Florida,Miami 15th, 16th, 17th Tunning THREAD!!

It's VERY RARE to see posts on now a days on good work and service. I just wanted to say that the tuning down here in miami SUCKS BALLS!!! there are tuners but no GREAT tuners, then comes Mike Botti.

Mike Botti is one of the coolest people i have ever met from the moment i met him to the moment i left him i new he was the right man for the job. He took his time didn't rush and was honest about everything he did. My car had been COBB Married from the previous owner for more than a year after spending a couple thousand dollars on parts. He was able to un marry it and get into the computer something that a lot of Vendors down here didn't even want to consider doing. I was lucky enough to meet another NASIOC Subaru owner who had the AP and he was able to use it to do the job of un marring it. After that is was Open Source all day we took the car out we did our pulls and he tuned the car to perfection. He told me that we can get more power out of the car the only issue was that it was a stock motor he was considerate enough to tell me that i should leave it how it is or if i wanted it was on me and would gladly push it to the limit. (Trust me!!! the temptation was serious i even went back the next day to do it.....but i decided not to lol.) I own a 2007 STi with everything but internals done on a FP Green he was able to pump out 380WHP/390TQ at 20psi with out question i could of got 40 more HP out of the car but he was adamant about not pushing the car with out internals, This to me shows character and truly shows that he cares not about the money but about the well being and safety of you and your vehicle. Mike Botti is a true MASTER of his profession you can tell that he really enjoys and loves what he does the money is just a bonus. Any time you find a person who loves his job you will always end up with amazing results. If there was a way to RANK NATIONALLY TUNERS im sure this man would qualify for the top 5 in the Olympics LOL!. The car pulls and runs AMAZING it's like driving a whole new BEAST i am truly a happy camper.

In all honesty there really is nothing bad to say about Mike at all as consumer the only thing that sucks is that i don't have this man closer to home god knows that Miami needs a person of his caliber here. But sometimes its better this way as to avoid corruption of the horrible elements down here. Have to keep good people flying straight lol.


I just wanted to give it up to Rob Ayala/Smereone for opening up his home and giving us guys a warm welcome he kept us hydrated in the Miami HEAT/HUMIDITY and fed us some of the best Pastry's Miami has to offer. Your hospitality was very well appreciated.

I am sorry i cant remember all your Forum Names but if you see this post feel free to toss me a PM to add you guys to my buddy list. I have yet to meet a Diickhead Subaru owner we truly are a family everyone was eager to help each other out should anything arise and that was awesome thank all of you guys very much. Especially the life saver with the AP COBB Tuner lol. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!
I am extremely happy with my tune and the great service and will continue to tune my car with him as long as i have it.

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