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Guys also keep in mind, this whole post, mostly relates to the 99% of people who will never track their car. This means pretty much all of you.
99% of people, the only time stopping distance will come into play, is in a panic stop. Their brakes will be nowhere near the fade temperature, so the brakes will be completely capable of locking the wheels, which means the stopping distance will only be affected by how much force the tire can put on the ground before it locks. Which means, you need a stickier tire, to stop in a shorter distance.

For those rare people who WILL be tracking their car, pads and fluid are all they will ever need most likely. Some of those people would benefit from a slightly larger front rotor/caliper combo. But most definitely NOT from something huge like almost every BBK on the market. Those will only make you slower around a race track, not faster. There is a point where bigger becomes too big, and you are just adding weight and rotational mass. The BBK "Gran Turismo" kit is a perfect example of this. Its HUGE and heavy and will in no circumstance outperform the stock STI brakes. But because it is so much larger, it WILL however, suck up power, and make you handle worse.
How much worse and how much slower, well if you arent racing, then not enough to matter. So if you want the bling (and that kit DOES look insanely good), and aren't in a situation where lap times matter, go for it.

But for almost every driver on nasioc, who will never track their car, you need tires. Not brakes.
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