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Originally Posted by Davenow
There is a point where bigger becomes too big, and you are just adding weight and rotational mass. The BBK "Gran Turismo" kit is a perfect example of this. Its HUGE and heavy and will in no circumstance outperform the stock STI brakes. But because it is so much larger, it WILL however, suck up power, and make you handle worse.
How much worse and how much slower, well if you arent racing, then not enough to matter. So if you want the bling (and that kit DOES look insanely good), and aren't in a situation where lap times matter, go for it.
The BBK Gran Turismo is barely heavier than the STi brembos, so the weight is a moot point. The rotor will weigh a little more depending on the size (332/355) but it's not much. Suck up power??? It barely weighs more so were talking maybe .5hp. Handle worse? Not really. And yes it will outperform the stock STi brakes. It will exhibit less fade over a long session, ESPECIALLY for anyone running really wide R comps or slicks. You will also get more braking force in that scenario.

If there were no benefit to running a larger BBK, then why does nearly every time attack STi run one? Why do all of the other STi race teams run them? Because they are better.
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