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"I put five quarts in today. And after checking, that was too much, I was about a quarter inch above the full mark on the dipstick.

"Of course it depends on how much old oil you manage to drain. I drained slightly over five quarts of factory oil, plus whatever was in the old filter, meaning my Subaru was overfilled even more at the factory. So, I think 5 quarts is plenty, you do not really need to buy six."

Thanks for the step-by-step: Is it possible that heated oil would read as over five quarts after you drained it because it's warm? And you hadn't drained all the oil so five quarts added was overfill?

Also, while I believe they might account for immediate oil burn on a new motor, and therefore overfill by a set amount, I doubt they do...I think they use a metered oil pump to fill the case at the factory and it will only administer the correct volume on a squirt. That's some dude's job, to squeeze the pump all day long...I don't want to insult him by saying he has it mis-calibrated to squirt 5.6 qts. Seriously, though, is it really possible for this to happen at a factory when .3 qts times 10,000 engines could equal hundreds if not thousands of dollars in costs?

I ask, because it seems amazing to me that with the infinitesimally specced design of any engine could be only roughly a certain volume, with some engines taking more oil, some less. I mean if the designers say it has 5.3 qts displacement then, fully drained, and with a new filter, it should take the whole 5.3 like it was designed too. I'm not trying to be flippant, but what are the factors that could allow for such a discrepancy? I know by now not to trust a warm oil reading on this car, as I get different results regularly.
Thanks again for your write up...
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