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Originally Posted by LIQUIDSK8S View Post
The BBK Gran Turismo is barely heavier than the STi brembos, so the weight is a moot point. The rotor will weigh a little more depending on the size (332/355) but it's not much. Suck up power??? It barely weighs more so were talking maybe .5hp. Handle worse? Not really. And yes it will outperform the stock STi brakes. It will exhibit less fade over a long session, ESPECIALLY for anyone running really wide R comps or slicks. You will also get more braking force in that scenario.

If there were no benefit to running a larger BBK, then why does nearly every time attack STi run one? Why do all of the other STi race teams run them? Because they are better.

Its like you didn't read anything I had to say.

Please enlighten me as to where exactly you missed the part where I INCREDIBLY, VERY CLEARLY, IN A MANNER OF WHICH SOMEONE OF A 3RD GRADE READING LEVEL, stated, that all of this is directed at people who aren't professional type, driving a dedicated race car, sort of driver. Which is what virtually everyone on nasioc is not. Including yourself. None of what I am saying are guesses or statements coming from someone who doesn't know what he is talking about. I have done this for a living and as a hobby for over 20 years here. There is also a post somewhere in this thread with the hard data from testing with lap times, proving beyond shadow of a doubt, that upgraded brakes doing exactly nothing for lap times on an autocross car(and autocross more directly relates to the sort of driving almost everyone here will ever do). As for track days, for almost everyone, pads that can take more heat and fluid are all you need even on R-compounds, unless you A. Suck at driving (and on a race track, most of us do, even if we think we dont) or B. Have a brake system that has problems to begin with (in which case, you need to REPAIR, not upgrade)
However, the reality is that only about 1% of nasioc will ever do a track day.

And the Brembo Gran Turismo kit weighs almost double the STI brembos. (ok not almost double, but a lot more) Have you held them both in your hands back to back, both on the same bench? I have. The Gran Turismo kit is INSANELY heavy.

You also clearly don't understand rotational mass. A couple lbs isnt much. A couple lbs rotating at speed, starts to become a lot more.

In any case, go re-read everything you missed. Which seems to be almost everything that has been said.

And for the record the Brembo kit on that time attack car is a lot lighter than the Gran Turismo Brembo setup. But hey, you know everything, so you already knew that right?
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