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Originally Posted by todeswalzer View Post
Wow what a great build to be reading up on. here i am reading up on the stock atp gtx3017r (as due to many recommendations that's whats going in my car with an ej207) and I trip over this sweet thread.

Really big thanks for doing it right. This isn't done enough these days as all I ever see is how low can you go subies everywhere.

You should look into a front subframe. The stock one is just god awful. I went with oswald performance. the thing belongs on a wall to be stared at for eternity but it stiffens the hell out of the front end. Its scary being able to bend the stock piece back and force with little effort.

Also for rear flaring and squeezing those fat tires in a good option is to get the sti fender flares on there (you'd also have to switch bumpers to match up) and cut out or really pull out the quarter panel underneath. you can get close to an oem look while drastically increasing the area under there instead of having an ugly ass pull. I'm looking into this route myself as a fellow auto-xer runs 285s this way without any rubbing

Anyways I really wish I was out there in CA with ya but I am afraid of running anything spherical due to my full time rust belt status. Other than the spherical bits I feel we have very similar visions for our cars (and a lot of the same parts =D ) although i would say your knowledge in WHY each particular part works is far greater than mine - like the way you completely lost me when you started talking about how the way the stoptechs mount to the hub is uber win better than other kits.

the flock looks great. what brand did you go with? i did mine with donjer about 2 years ago. it has held up very strong and is still one of my favorite mods to this day.

i can tell ya right now my near future car days might consist of teflon taping my front sway bar. I had never thought about doing that. Have you had success with this method in the past?

Anyways I admire your dedication and the way you focus on the small details. keep up the good work! ....Now to start ordering bits and pieces for that battery relocation job ive always had in the back of my mind....
Thanks for the kind words glad you are enjoying the build. It has been a long process, hopefully the end result will be worth it (the personal bar I have set is pretty high). I know about the low and slow crowd .. To each their own I guess but i really don't like how many of their decisions result in an unsafe car driving next to you, seems like a stupid way to get an innocent person sharing the roads killed.

I am looking at a front subframe, I am pretty well decided on the Cusco V2 h brace to tie the suspension pickup points. I want to cut as much mass off the car as possible, but not at the expense of chassis stiffness.

Right now the car just got trailered to the GST Motorsports to begin the final stage before getting back on the road. I away not comfortable doing the pull down at the area by the door, so I am letting GST look at it and will go with their recommendations. I am aware of what you are talking about and it definitely looks good.

I did go with donjer as well for the flocking, glad to hear its holding up well. I am definitely happy with mine, hope it holds up well over daily use. I have had good luck wrapping all my sway bars and other pieces with Teflon tape with grease to reduce squeaking on the sway bars, do it on everything I can with polyurethane.

Glad the journal has helped inspire your build. If you want some real knowledge call up any of the vendors listed in my first post, the knowledge these shops possess and are willing to share with customers blows me away, and is the reason those shops consistently turn out such fast, functional, and well built cars. Pick their brains, it's definitely cheaper to buy the right part once than try to figure the magic solution on your own. Glad you're enjoying your car, wish I had an ej207 over my ej205, but I'm saving for a built 2.6 that can rev with a quality twin scroll package from full race. Get wrenching and start enjoying the journey and the car.
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