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Originally Posted by freddy121389 View Post
what would you need to be done to get this turbo to work a 2011 wrx with stošk tmic location?
really not much, in fact following exactly what was done by the OP is a good idea. However a true 3" exhaust (no bottleneck like OP) should be mandatory and the option for catless downpipe (race cars or the states where it is legal) would spool faster and make more power

Originally Posted by K1WRC View Post
Even though I'd have to change my entire turbo setup, this is still an intriguing combination that may prove more capable than any other "stock" location twinscroll turbo
thanks for the feedback. I agree this setup makes a lot of sense for people who are mostly stock or stock-ish. For those who are currently rotated it might not make as much sense unless wanting the TMIC and stealth factor. I dont know of many stock location twinscroll turbos but if youre referring to the JDM twinscroll turbos, the limiting factor imo will continue to be the odd shaped turbine wheel and housing

Originally Posted by fourmicah View Post
Do you plan on building a kit like this for the 7670 EFR?
we'll have the 7670 EFR available in rotated single scroll OR rotated twinscroll, but it can not fit stock location

Originally Posted by juanmedina View Post
too bad too small for my taste.
this setup is not for everyone. If you want to make big power our rotated kits are available in singlescroll (similar to stock location just rotated) OR twinscroll - both with B2 EFR turbos. If the 7163 is too small but you want to stay stock location i will say its not possible to fit the hulking B2 here (must rotate it)

Originally Posted by Fierysun View Post
Fullrace, any plans to make a 3-bolt up-pipe as well to fit this turbo?
no, those headers almost always crack so we will not support that platform

Originally Posted by SUBARIFFIC View Post
Honestly I think 375-450 whp is the sweet spot for reliability for a built Subaru THAT'S GONNA LAST! So The 6758,7163, and 7064 are the turbos most of ous should be using anyway. 500-600whp in a Subie is equivalent to a EVO with almost a 1000. Entirely tooooo much stuff jst breaks on our cars
if you have a fully built subie it can handle the bigger units... but overall I agree the 6758, 7163 and 7670 will probably be the hot items for most enthusiasts on this forum

Originally Posted by SUBARIFFIC View Post
If the 6758 is a 49lbs/min the 7163 has to be in the 50-52lbs/min range since the 7064 is a 56lbs/min
dont underestimate the 7163... this test doesn't scratch the surface, nor does perrin's. remember Paul's car is doing this thru a cat, stock tmic and 2.5" exhaust restriction (basically a stock car)

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
These results look great! For that power level the spool is incredible! How would you expect the results to change if this turbo were run on a FMIC setup? How would you expect the results to change if this turbo was run on a rotated setup?
For stock location turbos I prefer TMIC... less piping means faster spool better torque and quicker response.

some of the available subie FMIC/charge piping kits have large diameter, long convoluted piping (spaghetti?) which can add a LOT lag and gain nil on the top end... if you are going FMIC keep the pipes as short as is possible otherwise stay TMIC!

Originally Posted by bilt2run View Post
Certainly nice numbers but..I think there are some 1.5xtr "e85" charts that look very similar to these,maybe a bit more taper, with same type mods, Correct me if im wrong...
there might be a few dyno charts that look similar to these, this isnt bragging rights forum dynos. It is a stock motor with stock everything except for turbo and fuel system... I doubt the guys you are referring to have cats, 2.5" exh bottleneck or stock tmic. I can tell you if any of those bragging rights xtr guys tried this thing they would be there is nothing like the EFR turbos as frustrating as the wait has been I can run any turbo I want on my personal cars and ive got 2 cars down right now waiting on turbos... id rather have be waiting and get the EFR then run anything else currently

Originally Posted by mekilljoydammit View Post
Is there any possibility of twin scroll housings for the smaller frame turbos? Not stock-Subaru-mount twin scroll housings, obviously
not sure yet, but they will have some new stuff on display at SEMA...
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