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Originally Posted by socalLGT View Post
The Dom 1.5 XTR is a very fine turbo. We have installed several on customer cars and I have seen very good results from them. However, while they do spool well, they do not match the EFR7163 on the top end. Boost and airflow drops off much more than with the 7163 which held boost all the way to redline. I actually intentionally tapered off the boost a touch on my car as the stock TMIC was getting a touch heatsoaked in the 95*F temps I was tuning in.

Also consider that the Topspeed dyno graph had the STD correction factor applied versus the SAE factor on my graph. Typically the STD CF adds about 3% over SAE. The Topspeed car also had a header, which I have found typically adds roughly 10whp/20wtq over the stock exhaust manifold.

All in all, the EFR makes more power, has a broader powerband extending all the way to redline and spools the same or better.... I guess that's comparable
I think this turbo looks great. Probably better than any other stock location turbo in terms of spool vs. power. But the cost seems like a bit of a sticking point. I'm assuming this turbo will cost somewhere between $1500-1800 or so. I really have no idea, but I would guess it's in the same range as a stock location Blouch, ATP, etc.

This is fine. But then you have to consider it will probably be another $1500 or so for the downpipe and uppipe from Full Race. While I'm sure they are excellent items, it is a large cost to stomach. Especially for someone who already has an aftermarket downpipe and uppipe installed.

If you're going to pay $3000 or more, then why not just go rotated for a rotated (possibly twin scroll setup). I guess it all comes down to how much you value spool and how much top end you want. I honestly really want this powerband. I just think it would make more sense to go rotated and leave my options open. Would this turbo fit into a Full Race rotated setup and allow for easy upgrade in the future?
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