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Default Outfront Motorsports 2.3L closed deck motor

Scrapped the plans I had for my WRX so now I'm selling everything off. This motor has never been turned over and was built last year by Outfront Motorsports. I still have all the paperwork and can provide it upon request. The bill for the complete motor was just over $7000. I told them I wanted a motor to handle 550hp that can rev like crazy and this what they built me.

I would REALLY prefer to sell the motor as complete as possible. It came from them already timed and ready to drop in. Here is the parts list.

2.5L block
2.0L crank
ACL Bearings
Outfront Motorsports spec forged rods
JE forged pistons - 8.5:1 Compression
ARP head studs
Mild port work on the heads and the combustion chambers have been opened up to match the 2.5L heads
Stainless steel black nitrided valves
Dual valve springs
GSC 272/272 cams
Gates TB along with new OEM timing components.
Killer B Motorsport windage tray
Killer B Motosport pickup
STI Oil pan
11mm shimmed oil pump

From Outfront Motorsports about their closed deck motors.


When building a turbo Subaru motor the engine block is a key reliability concern in applications using more than 10lbs of turbo boost. Stock block Subaru motors using more than 10lbs of boost have proven to be too weak to handle the extra stress. With >10lbs of boost each explosion can shake the barrels into a resonant vibration at the top of the barrel. This resonating of the barrel will eventually wear away the head gasket material to a point that leaks occur. At this point radiator fluid from the cooling jackets leak into the cylinders, vaporizing and going out the exhaust. And yes, as the coolant vaporizes you'll have an overheated motor. Hopefully you'll be watching the temperature gauge and put more coolant in the radiator before you blow the motor from excessive heat.

Outfront's closed deck block braces the top of the cylinders which prevents this vibration from occurring. Without the vibration the threat of worn head gaskets goes away. As stated in our MOTOR MATRIX, a closed deck block is essential to have a reliable motor with more than 10lbs of boost. Outfront was first to market with our proprietary zero tolerance billet aluminum insert. Outfront has the perfect combination of billet filler and passage holes for coolant to the heads. This race proven method provides a superior bracing of the cylinder walls as compared to other cheaper solutions such a plugs with JB weld. When you see the difference and compare our machining you'll quickly understand why it's so much better. It's simply the best closed deck 2.5L Subaru block on the market.
For the complete motor as you see it now - $6000 - I have the small parts for sale so it may be missing a few things and I will adjust the price if necessary.

Long block only - $5000

Please PM for my cell number to talk to me about it should you have ANY questions. I didn't want to have to build another motor so I made sure it was done right.

Trades are welcome!

Located in Beaumont Texas. Willing to ship this but be aware that it will add several hundred dollars to the price. If I remember right it was just over $300 from Outfront in California to me in SE Texas.
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