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Originally Posted by lefor3 View Post
Hmmm, quick question, I've been driving a manual (a FWD RSX-S though if that makes a difference) for about 3 years now and am looking to get a Bugeye.

Is it necessary, or more correct to do this method shown in this thread at a complete stop in first?
1) Clutch depressed, 1st gear, Rev up to 2000RPM
2) Slowly let off clutch while maintaining the 2000RPM

this whole time, I was taught (and seen other people) this method to start in first gear:
1) Clutch depressed, in 1st gear, slowly let off to where you can kind of feel the car lurk forward
2) Give it some gas and you'll be around 1500RPM with foot off the clutch

Is there a better, right, wrong, etc. way to this? Sorry if it's such a noob question, just rather learn now then damaging a clutch/transmission. Thanks!

The proper way to let off the clutch for regular driving is not to rev up the engine (even to a modest 2000rpm) and let off the clutch, but to slowly give it gas as the clutch engages so the rpm come up smoothly. A perfect start in a standard is exactly as it would be in an auto, that is, just a smooth increase in rpm from idle to shift point.

If you rev, then release the clutch pedal, you are increasing wear on the clutch. This is acceptable in some situations (like if one wants a faster launch), and is almost negligible if you're only modestly reving the engine, but why wear when you don't have to?
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