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Default New Dyno Numbers 461! Accelerated Performance's BRZ-400 - 11.3 @ 127 - Visconti Tuned

Event: Dyno Tune !
Location: Accelerated Performance| Toledo, OH
Ambient Temp: 75 degrees
Elevation: 790-800ft
Weather: Humid

Car: 2012 Subaru BRZ
Tuner: Visconti
Dyno Info: DynoJet 224
Peak HP at RPM: 439 @ 7200
Peak Torque at RPM: 340 @ 5800
Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 161WHP/136WTQ
Target AFR:
Fuel: Straight e85
Engine/Power Modifications: Stock Header, Accelerated Performance BRZ-400 Turbo Kit @ 20PSI, OMNI 4 BAR Map Sensor, DW65 Pump, DW900 Injectors, Exedy Clutch !

Lots of stuff going on here in Ohio..

Don from Accelerated Performance is having me push the limits of the BRZ with his BRZ-400 Turbo Kit.

Today we spent most of the day waiting for the new clutch to come in - within a few dyno pulls we were making almost mid 400s... but the day was over at that point.

Tomorrow I plan on dialing in the car a little more so we can take it to the track on Wednesday.

I'll post up a clear graph some time in the early morning.

For now enjoy the video

September 6th 2012 Update -

Accelerated Performance went back to the track today to see if a little 'driver mod' could improve on our 12.1 Pass.

They ran the car twice - 12.4 @ 124 was the first pass of the day.

The car was hot lapped and results were exactly what we expected.

11.3 @ 127 !

Car was ran the same way it was just last week - e85 from the pump and 20PSI

I guess 'driver mod' can go a long way

We hope to bring the car back to the track in the near future to improve on this time... We know the car can achieve 10s AS-IS.

September 8th 2012 UPDATE !

Today we have new dyno numbers.

Don removed the cat located in the header

Since we're seeing a lot more airflow we lowered the boost to 18PSI.

Couldn't pull it to 8500-9000rpms because the Car is pegging the 3.5inch MAF

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