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Originally Posted by RallyNavvie

Well, except that they won't do Form 4 transfers for items they sell in store. I understand that they want to sell the item themselves since most of their margin is there but for NFA items I'd still want to do transfers as those are the people who will get the word around that they carry the items in stock (so no wait on a Form 3). I would have totally bought it from them if they had price-matched what I was getting online, which amounted to less than 10% off, and I would have still ended up paying more due to state taxes but might have been worth the 4-6 weeks saved on the Form 3.

Who knows, maybe they thought I was some dupe that was just trying to get a good price and they didn't know that I spend thousands per year in firearms junk and would have been a good customer to add. Maybe I just called at the wrong time? I know the lady I was speaking to was consulting with someone else that was handling the new shipment of TBAC goodies that knew their stuff on NFA transfers and maybe didn't have the authority to price match.
We give 10% off if you pay upfront for your class 3 item next time talk to Jeff. Prices at the shows are usually a little cheaper also , keep in mind most places that take your money don't even stock the the suppressor and order it only after the paperwork clears ,
About the transfer you will find allot of places do that , And ones that do charge out the ... I tried to do a standard transfer at a well known local shop and they wanted $90 I couldn't believe it that's more than we make on most firearms .
Sorry if you had a bad experience Rally .

Originally Posted by Spider Pig
I'm sure I've probably met you a time or two before if you've worked with SAW at the shows in Dallas. I've bought from Jeff for years and usually wind up at the at his booth BSing with him or Pat.

Good guy who runs a solid business.
Thanks , I've only done a couple shows in dallas over on the guns side . I worked for him in houston before all this .
come bye and say what's up sometime.

Support your local businesses you guys especially our type of business , besides it's way better to see and feel what you buy in person especially firearms .
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