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Originally Posted by J. Steinbeck View Post
WOW! That power in a light RWD drive car like that. Serious fun. I'm really interested in seeing how long it lasts.

Please excuse me for wandering in the thread and asking what are probably some really dumb questions. You note that the injectors are upgraded. This car has eight injectors (four behind the valves, and four for direct injection), correct?

I'm assuming the more traditional ones behind the valves were replaced, or am I wrong? Which set handles the majority of the fueling supply when under load? (My understanding is that the DI set handles the majority of fueling in the stock car; hopefully I don't have that backwards.)

Is tuning between the two an absolute headache? Are you finding that in this setup the DI does as much as hoped to fight against detonation?

Maybe this is all just over my head; I'm sure I should take time to research a bit more before asking. Hopefully I don't sound like an idiot.
Yeah - 8 injectors...

We've been changing out the port injectors

The port injectors handle most of the fueling

In Stock form it does a bunch of different stuff but in the upper RPMS mostly Port Injection

At first it was a headache but now that I understand how everything works its not as bad as it seems.

So far the port / di combo seems to be working well.

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