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Originally Posted by nature0220 View Post
Some question about my 2011 STi. When shift and down shift sometimes I feel some friction when going into gears. it will go in, just not very smooth, feels like there's a bump on the way going into gear.

And when it's smooth, it will be smooth all drive long (most of the time). When it's not smooth, I can feel the bump (down shift even up shift), it will happen to maybe not every shift but probably around 60% of the shifts.

As I stated, it will go into gear just doesn't feel smoothly kind feel like a bump in between or something blocking in the middle, and yes I always press clutch to the bottom. I think I heard some of my friends experiencing similar issue with their STis.

I'm just wondering is this a common thing? Is it because of my driving habit or shift timing?
It could be how you're shifting or your synchros could be a little worn. It would be nice if everyone could try an unsynchronized transmission, it tells a lot about ones shifting. With a unsychronized tranny you will grind if you shift too slow, too fast or you let off the throttle wrong.

You could be upshifting too slow or too fast, meaning your synchros have to do more work, hence the bump. When you downshift try rev matching.
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