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Originally Posted by jake1191 View Post
1) I plan on doing a Torqued Performance stage 1 with a Cobb SF intake and Nameless Cat-back. My hardest decision is getting the AccessPort first or the catback first.

2) I want to run a turbo blanket but not 100% sure if the PTP will work on my VF-52 with say a Cobb heatshield.

3) Is there any options for a gauge pod other than ATI? I only need two spaces(Boost and Wideband) but I can live with 3 and add oil pressure.

4) Is whiteline suspension good stuff compared to say Cusco? I know from having a few RX-7s Cusco is/was good stuff.

5) I want to stock up on oil change items. Fumoto valve has already been ordered for the first oil change. I was planning to use Amsoil because I can get cases at wholesale through my work. Anything better out there for these cars and what filter does everyone prefer?
1. Check on engine management FIRST. You have a BRAND NEW car and you must be sure that whatever engine management you choose supports your 2013. Sometimes the engine management from earlier years will work, sometimes not. Don't be an idiot and buy first and ask questions later. Call FIRST and verify it will work.



4. You don't even own the car yet, so talking about suspension is dumb. You drive the car, highlight weaknesses based on your driving needs and uses, then take careful notes. You then call (513) 860-3508 (Turn in Concepts) and state your car, its use(s), the weaknesses you highlighted, and your budget. They will give you several options to choose from and you buy exactly what they say. These guys do NOT mess around, do EXACTLY what they say and you will be 400% happy. If you aren't, send me a PM and I'll send you $20 via paypal. Some people piss around with their advice, I don't. I back up my **** with money. I break noses.

5. Don't use Amsoil as unless you can STEAL it from work it is a huge waste of money. Same thing with filters. Buy the cheapest synthetic oil on the planet (Walmart SuperTech) and whatever filter you can find that is cheap and keep on rockin' in the free world. If you really cared (which you don't), you'd get an oil bypass unit for oil filtration which runs $200. Since you really don't care, then don't care. I'm rockin' Supertech and the ghetto Purolator filter right now and have been for eons....I'm now double stock HP and have 160,000 miles on the odometer.
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