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Originally Posted by Type2 View Post
How much was the Perrin setup -- the up pipe, down pipe and intake w/ MAF? Any links? If they say their setup will work with TMIC then I'm super interested. Although I am still unsure if these pipes are special in any way to a regular rotated pipe. Do you have any idea?

P.S. I don't have a stock up pipe but I checked out the thread HERE anyway. Pretty interesting. It's a couple years old - I wonder if he is still in business.

Thanks for the info and hopefully some people who have done this before will chime in with some pics. I'm surprised this option isn't discussed more often.

I don't think the Perrin site has just the pipes listed but I have been in contact with them. I believe just the up and down was $1299 and the inlet was $250 or around there. They did not claim it to be it to be bolt on for a tmic but said it wasn't very hard to do and that it had been done already with there newest version rotated kit. I would have to guess it keeps the turbo down lower making it easier to line up with the tmic y pipe.

The turbo xs kit looks quite nice and is alot better price at $800 but it seems to sit the turbo high. I may to some searching around and see if a tmic has been done with it.

Yes I was in contact with the guy on itwist about a month ago and he will still make them. I have heard his quality is very good. But you will need a custom down pipe I believe to line up with his adaptor. I have not seen many pictures of it setup in a car so I'm not sure how high it sits.

No problem with the info were in the same boat on this one it seems.
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