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man, i was gonna post this in Toms' thread, but i lost the heart, i no longer care enough about randos. lets keep PGH together!

but i typed all this ****, so i'm posting it here so the locals i care about can at least read what i'm thinking.

really, 321?

how did that even come up in a thread by a guy on a budget, self funding and building a car he drives on track 2~5 hours a month for 5 months out of the year?

321 header has no place there. and guys making headers, they do full thermal airflow analysis of their products. yeah i'm sure Burns do that on every collector they make. even the highest end headers you can buy off the shelf, are not designed like that. they're designed to put these tubes of this diameter and length, with those packaging constraints, to that collector. sometimes, it's limited to what tubes are available, like FR sch10 bend constraints.. maybe some of you have seen them, maybe some of you have built them, maybe even some of you have done testing on them, but all of you are missing the point that.. even if he could afford 4-5k for 321 or hell, why not inconel header and DP, what does that gain him? 3-5x the life at temperature? so it lasts him 5000hrs instead of 1200? he's putting on tops 25hrs a year on the header at temp! TOPS! i'm sure you could calculate the precipitation rate of the 304 and find out when it's going to fail, and the benefits of blah blah blah blah. but really, i think it's all just rhetoric being rehashed, and not one of you is actually paying attention to what's going on outside your discourse.

as evidenced by exhibit A: the lack of a proper response from this picture:
Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
Not as hot as this one

this picture is very misleading. it's is either a well timed pic of the engine blowing up, or more likely, not representative of the actual scene. either way it should rate at least passing commentary in the discussion of the effects and evidence of temperature related issues of a header. mainly because you can't get steels to those colors with the temperatures available from a running gas engine.

so, for all the experts arguing details, what sort of details DO you pay attention to?
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