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Originally Posted by Spider Pig View Post
Sure you do. CQB. I have found that I use my back up sights more than my EOTech or scope because it's actually challenging.

Well, I need to find a new way to mount then. My fixed rings and scope now keep it where I can't get a view through the irons. When I had the Eo/Magnifier, I could swing out the magnifier and still catch the irons through the Eo view. Now, it's not lined up like that. This AR is more of a longer range gun, so I'm not *TOO* worried about it at the moment. I'm keeping my sights and all (since my front flip is my gas block) in case I figure out a different mounting solution for the Nikon.

And in all honesty, I do prefer shooting with irons for some reason. I'm pretty accurate with them, although the Eo is a tad bit faster for target acquisition.

Originally Posted by mightymints View Post
See on my main blaster I have an Eotech, PEQ and pop up Buis. If my Eotech dies, I'd use my peq before Buis. Faster and easier. Hell in cqb the peq is awesome.
My long barrel is no rocking just the Nikon and flip up fronts...need to figure out a solution to get the irons back going.

For my AR pistol, I was thinking of just using a Burris fast fire close to the front of the rail for targeting on that. It's too small for me to properly use irons, so I figure the forward mounted Burris and a laser would suffice. It's made for CQ while the above long barrel is my *ranged* AR.

Originally Posted by Spider Pig View Post
I was taught that PEQ/lasers were used for rapid target acquisition to aid, and not replace iron sights, which is why I don't use them. My eye naturally lines up with my iron sights, so I'm looking down them anyway and would rather be able to place my shots where I want them rather than in a general area.

I think it's just a personal preference thing. I've never been a big fan of laser sights, since, to me, they induce laziness and are not nearly as reliable when it comes to accuracy over a variety of distances.
This is true...lasers aren't a replacement, especially in rifle situations. But, just like you mentioned, they are there for CQ and rapid target acquisition. I wouldn't shine a laser more than 30 feet anyway...if you're shooting distance, last thing you want to do is give more indication of your position. My eye lines up with my irons on my rifles, but the AR pistol is just too awkward for proper iron alignment (even with me running a mil spec buffer tube).

I see the benefits of a laser in the right condition, but I don't consider it laziness...I consider it an advantage. If I bust in and someone is trying to shoot me, I'd rather be able to target and put them down faster. ****, I'd grenade the **** out of them if it was life or death

Originally Posted by mightymints View Post
The only reason I would switch to my PEQ would be in CQB. The way my switches are set up, I can activate my laser before I can pop up my irons.

Irons are much more effective over a distance for sure.

With NVG however, PEQ for the win over anything
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