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with the pens i was going $0.3, $1, $5 for cheapest to best. as even the very best ballpoint pens have a mechanism that costs $5

the cost of materials isn't the main issue with 321, the tube cost is about double 304, but the filler rod is more, even more precise joints(time, mistakes, waste) required for backpurging(more time for setup and 10x the gas) and more welder skill required for the thinner wall makes them cost 3-5x as much for a custom part as a 304 part, go ask a fabricator, hell the guy that makes the headers. there aren't many that even offer it, cause the extra MTBF on a casual track machine are unnescesarry. i'm saying the douchebags putting the 321 up on a pedestal are acting like tom's got the sierra sierra evo here, racing 5hrs a day every other weekend, and full tilt every time he drives it. even if he was, ther'es far lower hanging fruit on any cost/benefit which, including time, how long is it gonna take him to get said 321 header made? and if he goes off track and bends it on a kerb or rock, who's gonna fix it?

sure it'd be nice, it's unnecessary, as even the 304 part would never get used beyond it's mechanical potential. like, lets be real here, he started with a subaru.

anyway, if that header ever cracks, it's the easiest problem to diagnose, and change. not liek oh his actually top of the line injectors changing size on him from fuel temperature, or his actually top of the line fuel pump being overkill and overcomplicating his system. again. it's straightforward, and we know he can get another one.

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