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Originally Posted by Bariga View Post
and EFR not available in v-band!

Killer-B Thank you for developing products for our cars!
Correct and no problem!

Originally Posted by Wicked Innovation View Post
Ill have to talk to you guys more about your scavenge pump setup. Im doing a low mount turbo in my drag wagon, and Ive got a bunch of room to play with up front since I moved the engine back.

I want to put a turbo on there that is in the 80-90lb/min range

Good move on going SD! I dont use COBB at all here, but SD is so much better than MAF even on normal cars.

Wicked [email protected]
Definitely, you know how where to find me.

Yeah that's a big turbo, should make a great drag car!

Still using Cobb, but the new SD feature is well worth it! I'm no tuner, but since running SD I have fewer, or no, complaints.

Originally Posted by lil'redwagon View Post
nice work guys!
Originally Posted by Kastley85891 View Post
Way to go - like it
Thanks guys! Apreciate the kind words!

Originally Posted by vicious_fishes View Post
i still don't understand what the actual advantage of this is?
What this guys says...

Originally Posted by spdracerut View Post
From what I can see, the exhaust manifold is shorter. Shorter distance between the exhaust port and the turbine means better response. This setup also makes for much shorter IC piping; shorter distance from the turbo outlet to the throttle body means better response. The intake is extremely short and also gets cold air; shorter pipe means less pressure drop before the compressor which reduces the pressure ratio you have to run to get the same absolute pressure in the intake manifold. Less pressure ratio/less boost means the air comes out of the turbo cooler leading to more power and also quicker response. Colder intake air also means quicker response and more power. The exhaust flow path out of the turbine housing is nice and straight followed by big gentle bends. This should have much less flow resistance compared to a stock location turbo with a much sharper 90 degree turn right after the turbine housing which increases back pressure and hurts power.
Just to add to this...

Correct, the manifold is shorter. Centerline distance has been reduced a hair over 26 inches, which is a lot. This is a generalization but, generally, a change on the exhaust side (pre-turbo) is equivalent to that change X2 on the compressor side. So removing 1" of pressurized volume is like removing 2" on intercooler tubing. Less volume means the manifold become pressurized faster and in turn spin the turbine. That coupled with us using our current Holy Header design that already reduces pre-turbo volume significantly makes for a massive difference in pre-turbo volume vs a typical EL setup or a rotated setup. This is one of the reasons the EVO will get better turbocharger performance with a similarly sized turbo. There are also ~180 fewer bends vs a turbo up high reducing turbulence and increasing flow performance.

At first I didn't think going stright in/out of the turbine would have that significant an effect. When I started showing sketches to Garrett they REALLY liked the straight in/out and felt this would be a significant advantage over the typical Suby design (OEM or rotated) that takes a sharp 90 bend immediately upon exiting the turbine housing.

On the cold side, compared to 'traditional' FMIC setups, there is a HUGE volume reduction. Again it comes back to being able to build boost faster because there is less space to fill. Having MANY fewer bends doesn't hurt either I had originally wanted to do a rotated intake manifold as well, but after some calulations, the gains were not significant vs my desire to keep A/C and one thing I really don't like about rotated manifolds is that it cooks the intercooler tubing since it's right behind a 180-200 radiator. I had concerns on how this would effect intake temps and most importantly the MAF accuracy.
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