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Originally Posted by HeroCrank View Post
So I usually get my fuel for my WRX about 2-3 times a week at the same gas station. I would say that out of 10 times that I fuel up I get appraoched by a WRX fan or owner 6 of those times. These are sometimes good experiences and shows that subaru owners are a close knit community, buuuuuuuuuuuut out of the 6 people that run over to talk to me 2-3 of them are idiots. Severe idiots, like the kind that you want to punch in their face .02 seconds after the lame introduction.

For example:

Me- (pumping gas)
Idiot- hey man sweet WRX, what year is it?
Me- thanks man, its a 2011.
Idiot- cool my buddy has an 2012.
Me- OK.
Idiot-you done anything to it man?
Me- just a basic stage 2.
Idiot- well my buddies 2012 is an STi and its stage 3.
Me- OK.
Idiot- whats your 0-60 man?
Me- I dont know factory is 4.5 +/- and this is stage 2, plus I dont track my car so prob 4.2 +/-
Idiot- yeah well my buddies STi runs 2.0sec 0-60. Its so insane. It goes over 200 MPH!!
Me- yeah thats unbelievable.
Me- (done pumping gas)
Idiot- yeah well sweet ride bro (goes back to passenger seat in friends truck at next pump over.)
Me- bye. bye.

I cant be alone out there, what are you guys experiences?
I think you just need to be more polite, not everyone is gonna know everything about Subaru's. So what he may have been wrong about his buddies STI, but never the less he felt he had to give you a compliment on your suby. So ya just my .02 haha
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