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Originally Posted by Vlad View Post
I have limited access to thread pictures from work, was able to see the 2 dyno sheets.
Is it correct to say that you got to 24 PSI by around 3900-4000 RPM?
Was this 4th gear with intake temperature over 70F?

There could be additional spool advantages with reversing the manifold, but that would complicate the turn-key side of this package and I know that reliabillity is a main goal with KB, so I think they made the right choice keeping it the way it is.

Personally, I'd like to see a smaller turbo with a quicker spool as an option here (something good for 320 WHP, fully spooled by 3300 RPM), but it's a nice option as it is.
Vlad, you are seeing it correctly. I just pulled the historical weather data for Bristol, CT. We were there in the middle of the day as you can see by the time-stamp on the plot. Temps were at or near the max temp of 75 that was reached that day and it was pretty sticky. The forecast agrees with humidity at 87%. The pulls were in 4th gear. I tell people the plots do not do the setup justice because on the street we see full boost even sooner. One of these days I'll get off my butt and get some vids with log file.

Originally Posted by CatfaceType-R View Post
Pushing the turbo a little more forward and or to thr right, so it has a direct airflow from the grill/bumper/foglight, so no need for an intake, just a filter for bad weather/dust/rocks.
Trust me when I tell you there is zero room to move this turbo in any direction. Chassis, radiator, timing cover, header primaries and subframe support gives you ONE spot and no room for error. It took months to get this sorted out so it was a 'bolt-on' affair. We also drive these cars ALL the time. Rain, shine, pavement, dirt, dropping my kids off at school, blasting up a mtn road or a weekend auto-X. Having one solution that fits ALL is what I'm all about which means there MUST be a filter. Run some calculations on how much a filter effect flow (size, type, location, etc...) and you'll see if it's done right the gains aren't worth a pebble taking out your ride.

Originally Posted by shooting View Post
is that small radiator really up to cooling a heavy use car??
Yes. Volume wise it is OEM-ish. This particular setup should be good for just over 500whp and with a 'money is no object' fan/shroud setup it should be good for ~600whp. So far temps stay right in line. The core is a very efficient design, and certainly not anything like the cheapo rads that people buy like drunken sailors. Just to give you an idea, I'd need to sell the radiator alone for $650+ to make any money.

Originally Posted by Irv Weissmanhowerton View Post
soon2bblackongold, that would be pretty nice to have

just a screen, no elbow, or barely a filter,
There is way more flow capacity, with that filter/elbow setup, than that turbo will ever need. I don't see it as a choke point. We'll see if things change with the GTX3576-R, but I'd be really surpised if it did.
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