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Originally Posted by tjmmason93 View Post
Subscribed, love what you guys are doing I must be honest, hearing that Toyota paired up with subaru to come out with a non-turbo RWD vehicle to attract the "teen scene" wasn't very thrilling to me. Have always been a subaru fan and always owned AWD. But the write up's have really been quite encourageing to atleast be a little more accepting to this "new item" I must ask though I have herd rumors that the brz is a little different then the Toyota ft-86 and the FR-S. I was speaking to a buddy of mine works at subaru dealership. He informed me that the subaru suspension is actually tighter and stiffer then the frs and ft-86. He also stated that he believed the transmission was actually 2in farther back ? Then the other vehicles as well. He wasn't sure about the tranny but I figured I would ask here seeing as how this is where the learning process begun.
Take this with a grain of salt as my knowledge on the difference between the BRZ and the FR-S is pretty limited. I do think the suspension is different between the two models, in regards to what specifically, I am not 100% on that, but I have heard the BRZ is a bit stiffer. Now for the transmission and engine, they should be 100% identical, but someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong

Also, do your self a favor and go test drive one if you have not, it truly is an amazing car in 100% stock form. Not fast in anyway, but more than enough to get yourself into trouble/fun. The chassis, suspension, driving feel and feedback is just incredible though, and unlike anything I have ever felt, and worth trying out, even if you have no intentions of buying one.

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