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Originally Posted by Drewbie View Post
I'd say this is like the END all kit for the impreza if you want bolt on, every day daily driven reliability, and high performance with as little as sacrifice as possible..

Lot of people said +200whp @2500 rpm and +400 whp was not achievable with the motor and chassis.. Much respect Chris. It looks well made, it shows great performance, if its anything like the quality of work anyone who has your parts has seen, it's SUPER HIGH QUALITY.. I can't wait to ride in a car with this kit on it..

I'd wonder what some ported heads, cams, and a 35r would do..

If cooling is an issue for the super high hp guys couldn't you install a second smaller radiator up near the fog lights?.. Not entirely like this, but similar idea..

I tried to find something More like what I was referring to quick, but you could probably get the idea..
Thanks for the kind words. I share a similar curiosity, but will be keeping engine/heads as stock-ish as possible to show worse case gains, or what can be expected for someone that just wants to bolt it onto their stock engine. Too risky for me, but many go this route.

I looked at split radiators, but it kept coming back to additional fabrication work for the customer and increased costs. Could it be done that way, yes. Would it be more expensive, yes. Would thier be bigger gains to be had, maybe? Even with this kit as-is, a little fab work and a larger turbo could be used.

Long term, if we do eventually turn this into more of a track duty car, I'd like to explore a trunk radiator. Eliminating the rad from the engine bay has HUGE ramifications as far as heat reduction, airflow, and space!

Originally Posted by KurtP View Post
My personal favorite thing about threads like these are all the usual suspects getting into their seats in the peanut gallery. "you need to put wire around the inlet because blahblahblah" "you should have put the turbo here" "you should have made it face this way" "thats not right, it needs to be this way because ferarri and porsche do.."

Seriously? ****. Nothing is more annoying than people who didnt/cant/wont telling the people who have/are how to do what they did.

Rant aside, nice job, kb. Having the turbo in the same zip code as the heads will do wonders for drivability/power curve.
I hear what you're saying. I think I have thicker skin than most so it doesn't really bother me like it does some. Being an engineer for so long it's just a fact of life that you will sit in meetings, with people that have never done a single engineering calulation, that want it faster, more robust, more versatile, maintenance free, that can be operated by an untrained chimpanzee, and of course costs less. In the end, if even one of the many criticisms brings about an idea that may improve the product, it's all for the better.

Thanks for the kind words!
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