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Originally Posted by deanorbust View Post
How's throwing parts at it replacing the harness with a known good harness bc the dash harness was hacked from the previous owner alarm install. It would have eliminated whatever short or open circuit on the old harness. So you tell me, guy, how is that throwing parts at it? Are you a certified Subaru mechanic? Do u have years of experience working on electrical systems on vehicles and diagnostics? No? Ok. So let me reiterate, valued comments from people who can back it up are accepted. When people like yourself don't have anything of real value to say about this issue? Please do go jump off a bridge with your running car, bc I unlike you have an actual technical issue which is why this post is here. Not to listen to your "I told you so" and "you should know your limit." Seriously, the people already on this one day old post that have attitude problems, take it somewhere else. Need actually feedback not douches with no real background on this matter. Thanks an have a terrible day.
I'm an aerospace engineer with experience in electrical design - I work on the electrical system on the international space station, and I've been working on Subarus for over 10 years. If I had the STi, the engine would be out, the harness would be out, and the dash would be out and I would be checking everything over. You're generalizing that an 05 STi is a bad car all around just because the one you bought happens to have been mistreated and modified by an idiot. Now, it seems like it found another idiot owner.

This is an engine. It's not rocket science. I needs three things to start - fuel, air, and spark. You obviously checked fuel, seems easy to check. Have you check for spark at the plugs with the new ECU? Unplug the MAF - does it start then? Any CEL? No spark at plugs, then disconnect the coil pack from the harness and check the harness. No power at harness? Get one end of a probe on your coil pack side, other end at ECU side and check for continuity. Rule out the harness. Then check at ECU output - you checked it with the old 05 ECU - what about the new ECU? No output from the new ECU? Are you sure key and immobilizer are paired? Get an o-scope and start checking sensor outputs (cam sensor, crank sensor, etc). Check the timing belt - it takes 20 minutes and all you have to do is remove the timimg belt cover to make sure it's timed correctly.
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