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Originally Posted by Calamity Jesus View Post
I support company-owned iOS devices for about 40 people (and growing every year)... the consistent look & feel of the devices and consistency from one device to another is actually one of the major reasons we pay a premium for them rather than buy Android devices. Support-wise they're a breeze and satisfaction is very high. For the most part, the only reason one of our flock needs to enter the settings is to update their email password. We use Casper to manage the devices remotely the same way we do with Macs. We can distribute apps purchased/configured by the company, force updates, prevent changes and force restores (which is great for checking a single device out to several hundred library patrons each year) and our flock can still buy/install/use the devices as their own. I'm guessing that most people have no idea how far Apple has come in supporting enterprise use of their products, but they're hardly irrelevant or slipping.

I can't imagine trying to support Android in the same way, needing to constant fix what the fiddlers have botched, having to organize OS update schedules, depending on Google to support their own software/products should we run into a snag or become dependent on something. We already depend on Google for some online services... they make changes and drop services at whimsy sometimes and there's no recourse or even someone to call or contact... yeah, you can fire off an email but it goes into a black hole and by the time you get a reply you've either moved onto a different product or the issue was fixed days before... and that's the service you get when you pay Google for a service. It was never an option.
I actually completely understand this.

CDW held a BYOD conference at the Cisco campus here in Richardson Tx. That was one of the big items they mentioned. iOS is just more secure because it doesn't allow people to fiddle with **** unless you jailbreak it. And there are means of tracking if a phone on your network is JB.

This is great if you are just chasing the business market segment, but I really think it hampers commercial development. I mean RIM leaned on business sales for a long time and let their **** get out of date because it was easier to secure and what-not. I just hope Apple doesn't do that to themselves.

Honestly I can't wait till BYOD matures so business apps can be firewalled off from personal apps, and they push it to androids in a manner that is acceptable to businesses. Then everyone can be happy.
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