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Originally Posted by sniper1rfa View Post
Who cares what the rev limit is? It doesn't matter. The revs your engine is turning mean absolutely nothing.

What difference does the rev limit make when it's running through a gearbox that changes everything anyway? 170hp is 170hp, regardless of where it makes the power. The gearbox takes care of that.

What makes a car fun is a wide powerband as felt at the wheels. New diesels can provide that.
I agree with your sentiment, but the way you state it could cut both ways. Diesels have a good power band from 1,500-4,000 rpm and high winding gasoline engines have good power from 5,000-7,500 rpm (think Honda, BRZ). In theory it shouldn't matter, but in the real world it matters a great deal.

Most people care where the power band is for several reasons. One being you have to start from a stop at zero wheel rpm, which means getting going with a high winding engine is always a bit harder than with a low end torque monster. My old ALH Tdi was a classic example. It had a whopping 90hp, but you didn't even need to touch the fuel pedal to get going, just let the clutch out slowly and the car would go. No bucking, no drama. Try that in a Civic.

Also, most drivers try to avoid high RPM because it sounds "bad". It's stupid, but true. I've tried unsuccessfully for years to get my parents and wife to be willing to wind a car out when necessary. My mom's previous car (before I sold her my Tdi) was a Ford Contour SE with the 2.5L V6 (5sp). One of the sweetest revving engines you can find in a regular production car. No dice, she almost never revved it high enough for the secondary throttles to open. It didn't matter that the Tdi has about half the power that her old Contour did. She never revved the Contour high enough to get more than half the power it made. The Tdi is perfect for her. Too bad the new ones are a steaming pile of failure.

My parents bought an Outback 3.6R for the same reasons. They never actually use more than 170hp, but the 3.6R sounds a lot better putting out 170hp than the 2.5i does. If the boxer diesel were available it would be perfect for them.
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