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Originally Posted by sniper1rfa

Who cares what the rev limit is? It doesn't matter. The revs your engine is turning mean absolutely nothing.

What difference does the rev limit make when it's running through a gearbox that changes everything anyway? 170hp is 170hp, regardless of where it makes the power. The gearbox takes care of that.

What makes a car fun is a wide powerband as felt at the wheels. New diesels can provide that.
Exactly, 170hp is 170hp. More importantly, the TDI makes 140hp. That is why the meager fuel savings aren't worth the ~70hp trade off versus the 2.0T. For daily driving, the TDI is a pleasant car to drive. It just isn't what I'd consider fun. basically, my original comment was based on the meme that the perfect car is a diesel, RWD (or AWD), 6MT, sport wagon. The diesel saps away a lot of the fun. The new 328i with the turbo 4 sounds fantastic, though.

Before the stones start getting thrown my way for the Prius, it was purchased for practicality and reliability (which my GTI taught me that VW was less than capable). It does great in stop and go driving, runs the AC electrically (important for anyone with a new baby... spent hours in parking lots while the wife runs errands), and it is dead nuts reliable. It is a fantastic mommy mobile.
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